According to the presence of Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope, one feels Kalasarpa Yoga (Kalasarpa dosha). Kalasarpa Yoga is considered to be a very inauspicious yoga. According to astrology, the person whose yoga is in the horoscope, falls. This is one side of this yoga, when that other side is also that this yoga person becomes the best in his field.

Kalasarpa Yoga has not been specifically mentioned in ancient astrological texts. About a hundred years ago, astrologers read this yoga. This yoga has been described as painful and painful in every way, today many astrologers spend a lot of money on people adverse to this yoga. People also happily spend money to avoid the agony of schemes. However, the truth is that just like Shani Maharaj does not suffer pain, similarly Rahu and Ketu Dwarka war Kalsarpa Yog does not give usasha inauspiciousness.

If there is Kalsarp Yoga in your horoscope and because of this you are afraid, then remove this fear from your mind. There is no need to panic with Kalsarp Yoga because there are many examples which prove that this yoga has made people reach success levels. Despite being afflicted with Kalasarp Yoga, there are many well-known names who have reached the heights such as Dhiru Bhai Ambani, Sachin Tendulkar, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Lata Mangeshkar etc.

Astrology says that Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets which are always in seventh house from each other. When all the planets come between these two planets sequentially, then this yoga is formed. Rahu Ketu is considered a cruel planet like Saturn and has the same views as Saturn. Rahu who gives favorable results in his horoscope gets great achievements in Kalsarpa Yoga. Just as the half-and-half of Saturn makes a person work hard and inspires them to overcome the shortcomings in the same way, Kalsarp makes a person fighting, struggling and courageous. The person affected by this yoga makes full use of his abilities and continues forward. Goes on increasing.


Kalsarp Yoga

In the Guru, located in the Swarashi and the higher zodiac, Rahu of the higher zodiac, Gajakeshari Yoga, the fourth center are going to provide special benefits. If seen positively, then people with Kalasarpa Yoga are rich in extraordinary talent and personality. It is possible that the Kalsarpa Yoga present in your horoscope will take you to the same height as great personalities, so by constantly trying to remove the fear of disappointment and failure, you will find success necessary.In this yoga, only those people who are frustrated and inactive, Kalsarpa Yoga is Raja Yoga for hardworking and diligent people.


In Kalsarp Yoga, a person has to face special problems due to the presence of Trik Bhava and Rahu in the second and eighth, but it can be made favorable by astrological treatment.