What is Shankachood Kaal Sarp Dosh?

Shankachood Kaal sarp Dosh, named after Shankachood Nag, one of the prominent serpents, is a great trouble maker for the person who possesses the dosh in his/her Kundli.

If Rahu occupies the ninth house, which is also the house of father and Ketu occupies the third house which is also the house of brother, this dosh comes into being in the person’s birth chart. Quite as expected from such ‘yoga’, the person suffering from this dosh has to undergo a lot of difficulties on all fronts.

Problems/Dosh caused by Shankachood kaal sarp dosh when formed in horoscope:

The person can face many types of problems in this Kaal sarpa dosh.

  • In addition to this dosh, there is a pitra defect in the horoscope of the native that means the native has to face multiple problems at the same time.
  • The ninth house is the house of ancestors and father, so the native may face different types of problems and troubles in life.
  • The person is interested in bad and immortal activities.
  • May face a huge loss of money.
  • This dosh will also bring instability in the form of numerous job changes or transfers.

Shankachood Kaal Sarp Yog Remedies and Upay

  • To worship Lord Krishna is the best way to get rid of this kaal sarpa dosh.
  • To reduce the effect of this dosh the native should wear the silver ring with Gomed stone.
  • In the month of pitra paksha, one should do the pinda daan, pitra pooja and should call brahmin and should give them prashad, this helps to keep the ancestors happy and the person gets rid of its bad effects.
  • To get kaalsarp dosh yantra do jaapa of mahamrutyunjay mantra for 108 times daily.Shankachood kaal sarp dosh Effects on marriage
    • They are no strong relation between the couple and most of the times serious arguments leads to divorce.
    • Even if the person files a divorce he might have to wait for a long time to get a divorce.
    • In this, he might lose a lot of wealth and time and may have to pay a large part of wealth to his wife.

    Shankachood Kaal Sarp Dosh Benefits or Shankachood Kaal Sarp Yog Benefits

    By doing pinda daan we perform this faithful rite to help our ancestors attain the right place according to their karma. If we fail to do so, they need to come back into earth plane again and either attains the highest through the yoga and vedanta or gives a try again to get good progeny.Also father son relationship is developed.

    Shankachood Kaal Sarp Dosh and It’s Nivaran

    • The person should stay away from unhealthy food and should not consume liquor and avoid smoking.
    • The person should start respecting his parents especially his/her father.
    • Native should donate (daan) in the month of pitra paksha to worship ancestors.