” Om Tryambakam Yajamahe

Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam

Urvarukamiva Bandhanan

Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat “


Mahamrutunjay Mantra is the spiritual pooja which is written in the old Sanskrit book of mantras which has numerous structures. For effective result Chanting of Mahamrutunjay Mantra should be done as Mahamrutunjay Jaap in Trimbakeshwar. It is known as the Rudra mantra, referring to the fierce form of Shiva.  This is the most powerful mantra in all ancient Sanskrit mantras. Jaap is the spiritual method of repeating the mantra using concentration generally a specified number of times such as 108. Mahamrutunjay Mantra by implying to Shiva’s three eyes. As it is a component of the “life-reestablishing” so it is also known as the Mitra-Sanjivini Mantra.

Mahamrutunjay means victory over death. Mahamrutunjay Jaap is made for long and healthy life and for long term illnesses, especially for whom fighting against death.

This is a mantra which has many names and forms. Hindus have considered Mahamrutunjay Mantra or Lord Shiva Mantra as extremely powerful and important. This mantra is also known as Moksha Mantra. The best time of this mantra is at 4.00 am (Brahma Muhurta).  But it can be also done in Pure Environment with Honesty, faith.

Lord Trimbakeshwar represents the aspect of supremacy. And it is believed that they destroy evil and sorrow. Trimbakeshwar is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. The Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple is situated in the city of Nashik, located at the foot of the Brahmagiri Mountain. According to Shiv Puran, Lord Shiva decided to stay in Trimbakeshwar on the request of Lord Godavari and Gautama Rishi. It is considered a unique Jyotirlinga. Linga’s three faces are symbols of Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, and Lord Shiva.

You can do this worship of Lord Shiva at your home or you can come to holy place trimbak to do Mahamrutunjay Jaap.

Worship of Mahamrutunjay Jaap at home

It is good to chant the Mahamrutunjay Mantra at least 9 times before going to the office or before sleeping. This Mahamrutunjay Mantra is also good for your health and wealth. while chanting this mantra it is must apply Bhasma or Vibhuti or Sandalwood or Kumkum.

Fill a glass of water, sit facing east side and pray to Lord Shiva. While praying, close the top of the glass with your right palm and repeat the Mantra 1008 times, after completing a mantra, sprinkle the water in the home and take a few spoons and give it to the people.

Worship of Mahamrutunjay Jaap in Trimabakeshwar

Trimbakeshwar – This is the only place in the world where Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva live together.

This Mantra is related to a very aggressive form of Lord Shiva. That’s why to perform this Jaap Puja very carefully or under the supervision of some experts i.e. Pandit. If you are doing the Mahamrutunjay Jaap in Trimabakeshwar by Panditji then the procedure will be:

On the day of the puja, Panditji starts a Puja by doing a Sankalp or Resolution. In this Sankalp, all pandit ji pray to Lord Shiva and then swears that they all are going to do chant 125,000 times Mahamrutunjay Mantra by adding the name of the person who wants to do this Puja. In Sankalp, Panditji pronounces the person’s original name, his father name, and his surname.  After that, every Panditji starts chanting the mantra every 8 to 10 hours a day so that the entire mantra of 125,000 mantras will be completed till the day of worship.

Hawan is the most important in this entire puja.  Blessings are received from the god by doing Hawan


What Materials required for doing Mahamrutunjay Jaap Trimbakeshwar?

Cow Milk, Flowers, Sandalwood powder, honey, ghee, curd, bel leaves, tulsi, incense, Aasan for sitting, white cloth, fruits, sugar, etc.  If you are doing Mahamrutunjay Jaap Trimbakeshwar from Panditji then he will give you the detail list of required materials.