Navchandi Yagna

Navchandi is durga puja done to make wishes come true. By performing the Nav Chandi yagna, the worshipper gets freedom from suffering. There is puranic saying that there are only two gods who respond immediately to the prayers of devotees. They are Goddess chandi and Lord Ganesha. As per ancient texts, Navchandi yagna bestows good health, wealth, prosperity, food, longevity, fame, success, strength. This yagna removes fear of ailment, danger, defeat in the hand of adversaries, and pacifies the malefic of nine planets.

Navchandi Yagna Puja translates to performing a holy sacrificial puja to worship nine manifestations of energies that pervade the universe – Maa Chandi who is also known as Durga. Navchandi Yagna and Paath involve elaborate rituals that are undertaken to seek blessings from all the nine forms of Maa Durga to fulfill our wishes for a healthy, better and prosperous life.

Vastu Shanti worshipped with havan to remove all obstacles. A havan is performed to remove the malefic effect of the stars and to create a peaceful, powerful and healthy environment. Once all the pooja are concluded the priest will offer final pooja for Vastu staple in the earth. Vastu Bhagvan will protect the family from negative vibration from the earth.

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Nav Chandi Yagna is a Nav Durga Puja, a sacrificial rite that involves chanting of Saptashati Mantras to fulfill our desires and remove all sufferings. A person is blessed by all the supreme deities, in addition, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Nav Grahas and Nav Durga, just by doing Navchandi Yagna Puja. Even the ancient Upanishads find the mention of Nav Chandi Yagna Puja, wherein it states the elaborate rituals along with the benefits. These Sanskrit texts document the procedures to be followed to invoke each of the nine energies of Maa Durga and how it can asset or benefit us.

Performing a Navchandi Yagna Puja is said to bless the devotee with immense energy that helps ward off the negative energies and hardships in life. Nav Chandi havan involves chanting of Sapthasati Mantras

Benefits of Performing a Navchandi Yagna Puja:

Navchandi Puja is done to worship and please Durga to give good health and avail the blessings of Goddess Mahalaxmi, Maha Sarwaswati and Maha Kali . Performing Nav Chandi Yagna Puja helps in:

  • Gaining name, fame, and success
  • Living a Long healthy life
  • Gain protection from evil
  • To overcome the fear of death
  • To fulfill our desires and wishes
  • Remove malefic effects of planets
  • Protects from and helps overcome enemies

When to Perform Navchandi Yagna Puja

As such Navchandi Yagna can be implemented any time of the year as per the prescribed Muhurat to fulfill our wishes and gain specific benefits – be it gaining wealth or prosperity or getting rid of malefic energies around us. It can also be done along with Griha Pravesh Puja or Vastu Shanti Puja. Along with this Navchandi Yagna Puja can also be done during Vasant or Sharadayi Navratri, Durga Puja, Dussera or on the day of Maha Navami, when Maa Durga is revered in all her nine different forms.

Navchandi Yagna Puja Vidhi (Procedure)

Nav Chandi Yagna Puja involves offering sacrificial rite with the reading of Devi Mahatmayan, i.e; Chandi Paths or Durga Sapthasati. Chandi Paath involves reading Sapthasati Mantras which has 700 verses across 13 chapters. These chapters are further divided into 3 distinct parts, The first part is devoted to Maa Ambe, a manifestation of Maa Durga who is considered as Maa Shakti. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th parts praise Goddess Maha Laxmi and the remaining chapters are dedicated to Maa Saraswati.