What is Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Dosh?

Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Dosh: The concept of Kaal sarp Dosh is one of those unwanted events that a person might not want to have.

Vishdhar kaal sarp or Kapardi kaal sarp dosh is said to occur in horoscope(kundali) when Rahu is in 11th house and ketu is in 5th house.

All other planets are placed between these two shadow planets, then horoscope(kundali) is said to have Vishdhar kaal sarp dosh.

Vishdhar means assume poison. Generally used for poisonous snake.

In Hindi,Rahu has sometimes been referred to as Vishdhar.

It is believed to be of poisonous nature, i.e. it poisons the planets that surround it.

Problems/Dosh caused by Vishdhar kaal sarp dosh when formed in horoscope:

  • No wonder this yoga has been believed to cause many hurdles in a person’s life.
  • It has been believed that premature death of a person often makes him take a rebirth. Such people might suffer from this dosh.
  • People suffering from this dosh suffer a lot of difficulty when they opt for higher education.
  • Also, the person often faces difficulty in earning money;they may not even bother about the right or wrong paths through which such money is being earned.
  • Hence the natives suffering from this type of  Kaal Sarp Yog are prone to engage in illegal and immoral professions, and therefore they should be careful of the ways through which they make money.
  • He/she has to work a lot to earn a respectable amount.
  • People suffering from this dosh often delay in having children.
  • Insomnia, eye problems, heart problems etc. are very common too.
  • This yoga also affects the memory power.
  • Similarly, another native troubled by Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Dosh may choose to engage in unfair practices in order to perform better in his job, and he may get fired from his job as such unfair practices may get disclosed to the employers.
  • Native using forbidden substances to achieve more strength and to perform better at a sport event; and then getting caught and being disqualified from such event or even being banned for some of the coming events.

Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Yog Remedies and Upay

Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Dosh can have adverse effect on the professional sphere of the natives under its impact due to which these natives may come across many types of problems. To overcome these problems, these remedies/upay will help you out:

  • Lord Shiva wears a snake around his snake and nullifies his poisonous effects.
  • Worship Lord Shiva with complete devotion and chant shiv mantras.
  • Vishdhar Kaal sarp Yantra at home is a good remedy against this dosh.
  • Feeding barley and millets to birds while chanting Rahu’s mantra has also been considered a very pious remedy for the cure of this dosh also worship of lord Shiva during ‘Saavan’ is held in high esteem.

All these things help a great deal in getting rid of the ill-effects of the dosh.

Vishdhar kaal sarp dosh Effects on marriage

  • Vishdhar kaal sarp yog causes problems in marriages, which can again differ in intensity depending upon the strength of this dosh.
  • Some natives having this dosh face disturbance in their marriage due to regular intervention of relatives of the native or relatives of his spouse.
  • Strong Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Yog present in a horoscope(kundali) can make the native wait till 48 years of his life in order to have his first child, or he may not have any children at all.
  • In an extreme case of its type when supported by other malefic planets, strong Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Dosh present in a horoscope(kundali) can make the native suffer from the loss of many lovers or such native may not have even one love relationship during his lifetime.

Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Dosh Benefits or Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Yog Benefits

  • All the instability and problems that are caused in one’s life due to this Dosh will be gone after the dosh nivaran puja.
  • The benefits of Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Yog include a peaceful later half of one’s life.
  • The puja also brings in host benefits and positivity in the individual’s life.

Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Dosh and It’s Nivaran

  • Nivaran Pooja is very important as it helps in overcoming all the problems of life.
  • The sudden death of a person also overcomes when the kalsarp Pooja is combined with the recitation of Lord Shivji.

This Pooja helps the individual to get rid of several problems like.

  • Obstacles in the path of success.
  • Unmarried for a long time.
  • Financial problems.
  • Unemployment.