Arkh Vivah (Male)

In Hinduism, before fixing a marriage the Horoscope of the prospective groom and bride are matched to ensure compatibility and absence of Dosha. When the combination in the horoscope is not favorable for marriage and indicates problems to the health or longevity of the couple, then a suggestion is given to do Ark puja. In Vedic astrology, if Mars(Mangal), Saturn(Shani), Rahu(Dragons Head)and Ketu (Dragons Tail) are placed in the 7th house of the natal chart of the prospective bride or the groom then Arka vivah (for the groom) and kumbh vivah (for bride) are performed.

During the Arkh Vivah the prospective groom is symbolically married to a mandar tree and during kumbh vivah the prospective bride is married to the earthen pot.

This puja is done to get a happy marriage life if someone is affected by mangal dosh. kumbh vivah is a Mixture of two words kumbh which means a pot and vivah means marriage. Manglik Dosh is a kind of error in a horoscope which effects after the wedding only and shows its true effects after the marriage. This puja is done at mangalnath temple in Trimbakeshwar.

The highest degree of this Manglik dosh is assembled when mars are placed in ascendant or the seventh house. These two placements form two most severe manglik dosh out of which placement in seventh is the most severe of all. Next in harshness is decreasing order come to the mars in the eighth house, then forth and then the twelfth house. In addition to mars, Sun, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu’s placement in the houses mentioned above also forms partial Manglik dosh.

Why Mars cause this Dosh? Mars is expressed as the most malefic planet as far as the marriage of a person is considered. Mars is a fierce planet and its placement in certain houses results in Mangalik dosha. Marriage is considered as one of the most auspicious ceremonies. In hindi the word Manglik denotes readiness. Hence a manglik dosh makes the even inauspicious or causes problems in this event.

What are the effects of Manglik Dosh? The most common effect of Manglik dosha is – Delay in Marriage.

Manglik dosha causes the marriage to be solemnized as late as at the age of 34 years, 38 years and even in the 40s. Aside from this if a manglik boy/girl is married to a non-manglik spouse then the event of death or severe accidents has been witnessed by many couples which lead to death, permanent disability of the non-manglik spouse.

The following Puja leads to the negative dosha being taken over by the mandar tree or the earthen pot and pacifies the dosha in one’s kundali which in-turn leads to a stable, long and happy married life.


1) For removal of Dosha in the Kundali (Horoscope)
2) For long, stable, happy and fruitful married life
3) For protection against accidents and misfortunes
4) For enhanced compatibility between bride and groom

No. of Priest:3

Duration:1 Day

Puja Service Includes Ganesh Puja, Navgraha Puja, and Mantra Japa, Arkh Vivah / kumbh vivah, Homa and aarti.

Puja Tokri having prasad energized Rudraksha, silver tabeez and yantra would be sent along.