What is Kalsarp Yog?

Kalsarp yog is formed when all seven planets are come between Rahu and Ketu. Exclusion of even one single planet outside the Rahu-Ketu Axis does not signify Kalsarp Yog. An individual who takes birth in this Kalsarp yog suffers tensions, fear and insecurity, and has a constant fear from death. This yoga is considered to be more malefic than any other malefic yog or dosh Very even more this yoga is also considered as Kalsarp Dosh due to its negative implications on people’s life. Kalsarp Dosh or Kalsarp Yog may bring various problems in an individual’s life likewise; losses in business child problems similarly some family problems, fear of death etc. The time frame for Kalsarp yog or Kalsarp Dosh is until 47 years; however it varies from individual to individual.

What is Kalsarp Dosh?

According to Indian astrology, there are twelve different types of Kalsarp yog or Kalsarp Dosh. Depending on the positioned of Rahu and Ketu, the effects range from delayed marriage, loss of ancestral property. The lack of self-confidence, financial problems, and legal litigation and accidents to imprisonment

Partial Kalsarp Yog Puja:

A partial Kalsarp yog is formed when inauspicious planets like Mars and Saturn are positioned on the opposite side of ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’. The effects of this yog are not as adverse as the complete Kalsarp Yog Puja.

Kalsarp Dosh Effects:

An individual with Kalsarp yog in his horoscope maybe  go through a multitude of problems ranges from delayed marriage, chronic health problems and loss of ancestral property, vehicular accident and lack of self-confidence, debts, problem in business or job front, financial problems legal litigation or imprisonment.

Kalsarp Yog Puja Nivaran mantra:

The Mantra given below is the Gayatri Mantra for Kalsarp yog or Kalsarp Dosh mantra: “Om BhjangeshaayaVidmahe, SarprajyaDhimahi, TannoNagahPrachodayat”

Kalsarp Yog Puja:

Kalsarp yog may bring agonies throughout the life of an individual, however, to counter these difficulties, So it is suggested to conduct Kalsarp Yog Puja for a duration of 4 days through 5 priests. Our Kalsarp Yog Puja service includes Ganpati Sthapana, Navgrah Shanti Puja, Shoadashmatrika, Brahma Puja, Kalash Sthapana, and also Shiv Abhishek – Naag Nagin Puja, Rahu Mantra jaap with 18000 recitations, Mahamritunjay with 11000 recitations, Havan, Arti, Pushpanjaali.

Types of Kaalsarp Yog:

Types of Kalsarp yog

There are 12 types of Kalsarp Yog.

    1. Anant Kalsarp Yog–

      Rahu in Lagna, Ketu in seventh house: The person is prone to be target of conspiracies hatched by people supposedly close to him. The person is like to lose out in matters of courts.

    2. Kulika Kalsarp Yog– Rahu in second house, Ketu in eighth: This combination is not good for the person’s health. Expenses would be more then the income and the financial situation would remain fairly mediocre. He has to struggle a lot in life to achieve something.
    3. Vasuki Kalsarp Yog–

      Rahu in third house, Ketu in ninth: The person would have trouble deal with his brothers and friends. Travel to foreign countries would create problems.

    4. Shankapal Kalsarp Yog–

      Rahu in fourth house, Ketu in tenth: The person would never be satisfied with his financial situation and would always strive for more. The person is prone to troubles relate to immovable property – e.g. land, houses and modes of conveyance – e.g. cars.

    5. Padma Kalsarp Yog–

      Rahu in fifth house, Ketu in eleventh: The person would have trouble with children.

    6. Mahapadma Kalsarp Yog–

      Rahu in sixth house, Ketu in twelfth: The person would not do well in relationships and would have a very pessimistic view of life.

    7. Takshak Kalsarp Yog–


Rahu in seventh house, Ketu in first: There is a need for the person to be extra careful in matter relate to married life and business partnerships.

  1. Karkotik Kalsarp Yog–

    Rahu in eighth house, Ketu in second: The person does not benefit from any paternal property. There would be a lot of trust issues between the person and his friends. This combination is not good for health. Rahu being in eighth house as it indicates a sudden and violent death.

  2. Shankhnaad Kalsarp Yog–

    Rahu in ninth house, Ketu in third: This combination indicates problems from higher authorities, government of the day and local administration in the field of business and commerce.

  3. Paatak Kalsarp Yog–

    Rahu in tenth house, Ketu in fourth: Rahu being in tenth house indicates problem in employment and higher authorities whom the person would report to during his/her job.

  4. Vishakt Kalsarp Yog–

    Rahu in eleventh house, Ketu in fifth: This combination indicates a lot of problems between the person and his elder brother. The person would also remain away from his native place throughout his life. Similarly, the person would be prone to problems like heart trouble, insomnia etc.

  5. Sheshnag Kalsarp Yog–

    Rahu in twelfth house, Ketu in sixth: The person would be prone to problems from people whom he does not know – mysterious enemies.


Techniques to reduce the impact of Kalsarp Yog:

  1. The first and foremost method to reduce the impact of Kalsarp yog is to pray to Lord Shiva in His Maharudra avatar on Mondays.
  2. Wear a Gomed, about two and a half carets in size in the little finger.
  3. Wear a special ring, shaped likewise serpent with a small Gomed at head and Vaidurya at the tail. The size of the stones is actually pretty small – less than 4 mm in diameter.